Original Equipment Manufacturers are welcome. Specialty Coils’ team of talented engineers and coil designers can help find the right coil for your application. Whether you are in need of custom design and performance for a new product or are just looking to update an old design, we’ve got you covered. With the use of our state of the art Coil Selection Program customers are able to find the exact coil to match the performance desired. The Selection Program combined with the industries’ most competitive lot pricing is the reason Specialty Coils is a trusted coil supplier to some of the nation’s largest HVAC and Refrigeration manufacturers.

Two of the most important factors in choosing a coil supplier are of course: Quality and Response! At Specialty Coils we pride ourselves in the quality of our products which is the reason for our factory wide quality assurance program. Every coil that passes through our factory is manufactured to industry standards and leak tested with 550 psi of dry nitrogen. Our second major focus is timely shipping, or response. Lead time is imperative when selecting a supplier of any kind that is why we stress its importance in our strategy. We maintain some of the shortest general lead times in the industry and also offer a great quick ship program for those emergency situations.

Performance, Design, Quality, and Response