Evaporator Coils

A Customized Evaporator Coil Makes the Difference

As anybody in the HVAC industry knows, the quality of the heating and cooling system in a building can impact people’s comfort as well as aesthetics and even the quality of office paper. Insufficient cooling in the summer can increase humidity, which can damage paint, wood and paper. Too much cooling causes discomfort and inability to concentrate. Contractors for new construction and HVAC repair people need to know the specifications of evaporator coils to ensure proper cooling capabilities. Specialty Coils brings expertise in the manufacture of evaporator coils.

An evaporator coil is so-named because the refrigerant used inside of it turns to a gas as warm air is passed by it. The refrigerant absorbs the heat in the air, which is then pumped out to a building’s occupants as cooled air. The now-gaseous refrigerant moves to a compressor, which applies pressure to change the refrigerant to a liquid. It is this transformation of gas to liquid to gas that keeps us comfortable in the summer.

After years of functioning in the summer heat and harsh winter, most HVAC systems need evaporator coil replacement. HVAC experts choose Specialty Coils because of our expertise and 150 years of combined experience in the area of replacement evaporator coils. One of the most appreciated aspects of our work is our ability to provide guidance on how our replacement evaporator coil can actually improve the functioning and longevity of a current HVAC system.

Often, original equipment evaporator coils are not customized to the actual needs of the architect or occupants. In some cases, the builder chooses an off the shelf model that appears adequate, but is not manufactured for optimal functioning and lifetime. Over the years, the unit’s efficiency drops and its weakest pieces stop functioning. Our customers are impressed by our ability to diagnose their HVAC mechanical problems and develop customized solutions.

We will determine the nature of your evaporator coil’s problems, not only restoring, but improving functionality and longevity. Call today for a quote.

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