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Top 10 Reasons for Buying Condenser Coils from Specialty Coils

The manufacture of condenser coils is both a science and an art. The science comes from metal composition, tube diameters and knowledge of mechanical engineering. The art derives from the ability to design a coil configuration that fits into the desired space and provides the environmental comfort needed. Specialty Coils provides excellence in the science and artistry necessary for effective commercial air conditioning.

There are dozens of reasons that commercial contractors, engineers and architects choose Specialty Coils to manufacture their condenser coils. Take a look at the ten reasons below and then check to see if any other supplier can match them.

Top 10 reasons to buy your condenser coils from Specialty Coils:

  1. Our coils can be used with any refrigerant, including the newer HFCs and HCFCs that are environmentally friendly.
  2. All coils are designed and built to withstand the rigors of the outdoors.
  3. Coils have brazed connections to minimize thermal expansion, which reduces the likelihood of breakage
  4. Replacement coils can include design and construction adjustments to increase coil life spans.
  5. A variety of circuiting is available, including multiple and face slit coils.
  6. You benefit from our rapid manufacture of your replacement coils
  7. Fast shipping.
  8. 150 years of combined experience in the business.
  9. Pricing that is lower than most other suppliers.
  10. A long record of customer satisfaction.

Whether your needs are in the area of new construction or simply to replace coils that are damaged or worn out, we have what you need. Your customers are demanding with respect to time, money and quality. These are demands that we also place on ourselves. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quote and final output that you receive from Specialty Coils.

Get started on a supplier relationship you will appreciate for a long time. Ask us for a quote today.

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