Replacement Coils


The most important parts of any HVAC or refrigeration unit are the coils that handle the heat transfer function of the unit. Unfortunately, a lot of times the coils are the first component of the equipment to fail. The general life span of a coil is about 5-10 years depending on the materials used and the environment in which they are in. Whether it is simple wear and tear over the years, freezing and bursting, or hail damage, there are a number of factors that can affect the heat transfer of your coils.

Specialty Coils is your one stop shop for all of your replacement coil needs. We build exact fit replacements for all of the major brands as well as custom replacement coils for retrofit applications.

We manufacture coil products in all shapes and sizes:
  • Refrigerant Coils, Evaporators, Condensers
  • Form Bent Coils (1,2 & 3 Row)
  • Water coils (Hydronic): Chilled Water, Hot Water, Glycol
  • Slip & Drive Booster Coils
  • Side Arm Boosters for Water Heaters
  • Hail Guard Protection Kits For Condensers
INFINIGARD Protective Coil Coating

Specialty Coils is a proud distributor and certified applicator of Infiniti Coatings’ INFINIGARD coil coating. Applying protective coating to your replacement coil can increase your coil’s life dramatically while improving laminar air flow and efficiency. Learn More

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