About us

Specialty Coils: The Choice of Experts

You have many choices for suppliers of HVAC coils and replacement coils for new construction and existing systems. Specialty Coils is the choice of engineers, architects and HVAC experts because of our experience, expertise and dedication to quality. Our combined 150 years of experience in this field, along with our attention to the detail that you deserve and our investment in quality control, ensure that your new and replacement coils will provide many years of satisfaction at some of the lowest pricing around.

Many of our customers come to us because they have tried to design and build HVAC coils that meet a unique design or specification. We enjoy the challenge of satisfying such a need. You will work with our experienced designers to create a heating or cooling system that handles your commercial comfort needs. Once the system is designed, it will come to life with our inventory of copper and aluminum that is shaped for size and temperature requirements. With only a three week lead time, you will receive the coils and fins needed for your system.

Our commercial customers also appreciate our ability to provide replacement coils for any type of business and climate. If your team is unable to provide the specs, one of your experts will visit your installation and take detailed measurements of your HVAC boxes. He will find the exact diameter, shape and metal for the replacement piping to ensure that the repair works properly. Finally, your replacement coils will come to you straight from our factory so that you receive them in the minimum amount of time.

The price quote you receive will be lower than most other suppliers because of our experience. We have handled nearly all coil challenges that are out there, which means that we know the fastest and least expensive way to address them. Also, there is no middleman.

Ask for a free quote and estimated delivery time. You will be impressed.